Anyone can find a house, but to really find a home is a difficult and lengthy process. Some people are very fortunate to look around the first house on their list and completely fall in love with it, but this is rare. Many people can spend weeks, if not months searching for the right property for them. There are so many factors to take into consideration when looking for your perfect home, and here are some of them:

Size - Everyone has a different requirement when it comes to the size of his or her home. Some people prefer a cozy one bedroom apartment, whereas others want large open spaces and as many bedrooms as possible.

Location - The location for some people may be the most important factor, while for others it doesn't even register as something to consider. Do you want to be in the city centre, or out in the country? Are you looking a seaside view, or somewhere close to the train station?

Number of bedrooms - Many people like to have just enough bedrooms for the amount of people living there, however some people would prefer to share and go for a smaller number of bedrooms. Many people also like to go for more bedrooms than people living there, so that they can have a study, office, games room, guest room etc.

Number of bathrooms - The number of bathrooms can be really important. If you have a family of five whom all leave the house at the same time then only one shower may prove challenging. Some people have preferences for en-suites or downstairs closet bathrooms.

Decoration and fixtures - Do you want a home that is fully equip with modern fixtures and already designed to your tastes or would you prefer a space that you can do up yourself, a blank canvas that can be designed in your way.

Parking - Is parking important to you? If you drive then you will certainly need somewhere to park your car, and how about your visitors, where will they go?

Of course none of this would be complete without factoring in finances. Do you buy or rent? The average house price in the UK is 242,415 according to the BBC, and with an average income of 26,500 is can seem very difficult to get on the property ladder. It is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place with renting being a black hole to throw money into.

There are numerous ways that the government can help you to own a home:

Help to Buy Scheme - The government will provide you with the 20% deposit and you only need 5%

Part Rent Part Buy Scheme - A small portion of your rent that you pay will go toward a mortgage, meaning when you have more finances you have already paid off some of the mortgage!

Don't feel daunted at the thought of finding your dream home, there are so many resources and services out there to help you and guide you through the process whether you are looking for a house, flat, apartment or retirement home.


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